Business Card Translation- Make a Killer First Impression Globally

Over the past decade technology has changed the way businesses across the world contact and communicate with each other but nothing beats like the humble paper business card. This humble card is the one that truly acts as the initial glue which binds two business people together.

And if your business card is translated into a foreign language, say in Hindi and/or Telugu language, it goes a long way in making an impression and forming relationships.

Translating business cards might seem like something not worth investing. I mean after all everyone knows English right?

It’s true everybody knows English. It is, after all, a widely spoken language of the world.

But when you are thinking of your launching or expanding your business in India, translation of your business card in Hindi and/or in Telugu will make your job much easier. It will make a first killer impression on your Indian business partners. It will not only break the ice but it will also break the language barrier.

Let’s say your work; your business takes you around the world. And during your business travel, you may come across, or are introduced to people who can be useful to your business because their line of work or their area of knowledge is the same as yours or they have contacts who are in the same line of work like yours. In such occasion, a translated business card can be of great help.

What are the Benefits of Business Card Translation?

  1. A professionally translated business card will immediately create a killer first impression.
  2. Business card translation not only will break the ice but also might provide you the deal of a lifetime!
  3. Having your business card translated in Hindi and or Telugu will show that you have made an effort to show respect for the languages and culture of India.
  4. Having your card translated in Hindi and Telugu languages is an effective way of making a statement.
  5. A bilingual or trilingual business card will be seen a gesture of courtesy to your Indian business partners.
  6. It will help you winning the contract that you were very much looking forward to.
  7. It will help you to give a more professional image.
  8. It will help you win contracts, forge relationships, and open up new markets.

How to Translate a Business Card?

Now that you know the advantages of business card translation, it is time to know how to translate a business car and what are the steps taken to translate a business card in Hindi and Telugu.

But before you read it, please keep in mind that translating a business card is not a simple thing. There are many linguistic and cultural considerations that are taken into account. If you do not take them into account, you might end up upsetting your Indian business partners.

Here are 8 tips for translating your business card efficiently:

  1. The first thing to do is not to translate the business card all by yourself. You have to hire a highly experienced and professional business card translator who has been providing high quality business card translations.
  2. Normally the practice is to get your business cards printed only on one side and only in one language. However, this is now an outdated practice. Since you are pitching to your Indian business partners, the best practice is to have one side of your business card printed in English and the other side in either Hindi or Telugu; depending on the region.
  3. Make sure that your business card looks simple. The person who receives your card only needs to know is who you are, your title, your company and how to contact you. The rest is unnecessary.
  4. Make sure that the translator translates your designation i.e. title accurately.
  5. Do not ask your address to be translated. Your address should be transliterated. The sole purpose of your address transliterated is only to help the reader pronounce your address correctly.
  6. Make sure that your company name is transliterated. Again, the sole purpose is to help the receiver pronounce your company name properly.
  7. Make sure whatever numbers are there in your business card are not translated at all, for example, the numbers, if any, in your address as well as your phone numbers. This is because should the receiver of your card ever call you, the numbers on their phone or fax number is by default in English.
  8. And finally, before you give your business card try to learn beforehand the cultural dos and don’ts of giving/receiving business cards. Which hand should be used to give or receive business cards? In India, the right hand is always to use to receive or give anything. The same goes for business cards. Make sure you use your right hand to give your translated business card and that goes for receiving too.

Of course these are just some of the tips that you need to keep in mind for your business card translation. You can have your business card translation tailored as per your requirements.

And remember, only a professional translator knows to treat and translate the details of your translated business card with respect.

Should you ever need to have business card translation services, contact me.

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