Running and managing a school with students from different countries and different cultures is a task not easy. As a school administrator, you play an important part in your students’ life and education and their parents. As such, it solely lies on you to provide Hindi Telugu translation and interpretation services for Indian parents who are more comfortable in their native language. In this blog, I will talk about the importance of Hindi Telugu translation and interpretation services for your schools and why your school needs to hire a Hindi Telugu translator and interpreter to get the best Hindi Telugu translation services and interpretation services for your school or any other of your educational institutes.

Let’s say, you send some notes or documents in English through the child that needs to bring to the parents’ attention or to have the parents’ signature. Although the child may understand English, there can be a possibility that either of the parents may not know or understand English. Imagine how the parents might be struggling to understand the documents! Imagine their helplessness!

To ensure that a child from different background and different culture has equal access to education; a child with limited proficiency in English and to ensure there is an effective communication with the students, families and parents, you need to hire a professional Hindi Telugu interpreter and a professional Hindi Telugu translator.

And there is only one way to do it: hire a native professional English to Hindi and/or English to Telugu translator who can effortlessly translate your documents, interpret and communicate with students and their parents.

I know you’re probably thinking ‘how could I possibly benefit from it?

Well, here’s the thing. Not only you but even your staff will benefit from it.

Trust me. Your staff WILL love you

It is a known fact that teachers are usually overwhelmed with workload. And you want to burden them more by asking them to translate the school documents in Hindi and Telugu too? Really? School teachers’ focus should primarily be on lesson planning, student behavior and parent interaction etc. Though many schools turn a blind eye and use bilingual teachers and their administrative staff to do English-Hindi-Telugu document translations, you are not letting them to do their jobs what they originally were hired for. Don’t’ be that school. Let teachers teach. Unburden them with the Hindi Telugu translation work. Outsource and hire a professional English-Hindi and English-Telugu translator who can provide you Hindi Telugu translation services.

Another thing a school or an education institution is worried about is budget.

We don’t have the funds.

We have limited budget.

It’s too expensive.

Now I know you may be thinking well there’s no way my school can afford this service. But before you say that you may be surprised that it is actually way more affordable than you may think.

The truth is Hindi Telugu translation service can be very inexpensive. Instead of having your administrative staff or your teachers do the translation and pay them on a non-negotiable fixed salary, you can hire professional English-Hindi and English-Telugu translator to help you translate your official Hindi Telugu school document translations and whose Hindi Telugu translation services you can pay as and when needed basis.

Another issue that needs to be taken care of is communication. Sometimes proper communication with the parents or the families can be challenging because of their limited English knowledge and proficiency. And this can create an unpleasant situation.

Let’s say, it is a PTA meeting. And the child’s parents attend it like they should. And as you start conversing, the parent(s) keep an uncomfortable expression, keep saying ‘Yes, Yes, or हाँ हाँ’…you suddenly realize that the parent(s) is not able to neither follow you nor understand English. You hesitate and ask yourself, ‘Should I continue? Are they able to understand/follow me?’ Or in worse cases, the parents might totally stop attending these PTA meetings.

Providing English-Hindi-Telugu interpretation services to parents and communicating with them in their language through a Hindi Telugu interpreter can motivate them to attend these PTA meetings and other meetings. Failure to provide them an English-Hindi-Telugu interpreter can make them feel unwelcomed and disconnected.

You and your school need these parents as much as your staff and teachers to support you and your school for your initiatives and school programmes to run successfully. Do not deny the parents their lawful rights.

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