on’t know where to get your documents and texts translated? Finding it difficult to localize your products and services for the Indian market? Looking for a reliable and experienced transcriber and/or subtitler for your media files?

Having a hard time finding that one content writer and copywriter who can write your focused website copy and content, write your press releases and get it published without a hitch, write your lead magnet ebooks, write your capability statement to procure govt contract?

Let me help.

Hi, I’m Parvathi. I am a full-time freelance Hindi Telugu translator, content writer and a copywriter. As a translator and subtitler, I help companies and businesses introduce, launch and sell their products and services to the pan-Indian consumers by translating your documents and texts, transcribe/subtitle/closed caption your media files. As a professional, experienced copywriter and a content writer, I give your business a shape; a strong presence in the web space. I write fresh content and copy that impresses your customers and clients

When I’m not translating websites, localising web copy, transcribing or subtitling or writing web copy, you’ll probably find me reading books, solving anagrams, solving crossword puzzles, word jumbles or crafting.

As a Translator…

“Translation is not a matter of words only; it is a matter of making intelligible a whole culture”.

I saw businesses and companies in dire need of professional, competent, experienced and reliable English<>Hindi<>Telugu translators. I saw them searching Google like crazy for that one efficient and competent Hindi Telugu professional translator whom they could trust with their project.

So, I decided that it was time I launched my own English<>Hindi<>Telugu translation services business.

Now I help businesses and companies by aptly translating their documents, transcribing/subtitling/closed captioning for production houses, documentary makers audiovisual translation agencies.

When I translate your documents, texts, contents of your website etc., I don’t deliver just literal translation. I do it in a different way. You see, translation is a bridge. It brings two cultures together. It closes the language gap. Translation not only connects two cultures but shapes them too.

And now I translate documents, localize websites, apps, transcribe and subtitle media files with a purpose because I know that it’ll make a real difference to a real person.

As a Copywriter and a Content Writer…

I knew I had a way with words. I already knew that I had an exceptional grasp of English. It was only a matter of time before I knew that I could attract and entice people with my words. I put good use to it. I enrolled in courses that would strengthen my content writing and copywriting skills. Ever since then, since 2010, I’ve been writing copy and content.

As a copywriter and a content writer I collaborate with B2B companies, B2C companies, B2G companies, Startups, ad agencies, marcomm agencies and companies, SEO agencies and companies, web designing agencies, small and large scale industries, NGOs and NFPs.

In my copywriting and content writing journey so far, I’ve written (almost) everything from micro copy to complete website content, from capability statements to press releases and award submission write-ups.

I write business worthy, read worthy web copy and content. I write content and copy that is crystal clear, unignorable, persuasive, well structured that keeps your visitors on your website longer, converts your visitors into customers and clients and prompts them to buy your services and products.


Drop me a line at info@hinditelugutranslations.com

I usually respond within 24 hours.