Wondering how to get your eBook translated and getting it published in Hindi and Telugu languages?

Good Move!

In spite of the disruptive video games that today’s generation are hooked on to, reading books and eBooks still continues to be one of the most popular leisure-time occupations around the world. In spite of the popularity of video games and their high demand, eBooks still continue to rule the roost.

Despite the disturbing video games and social media platforms that have taken over today’s generation, there are still people out there who rather chill out with a book in their hand; in this case an eBook. There are still people who are still hooked on to reading books and eBooks.

Reading books and eBooks still continue to be one of the most popular leisure-time occupations around the world, despite of the popularity of video games and and social media platforms their high demand.

Whether it is in a print format or a PDF format or a Kindle version, books and eBooks still continue to rule the roost. They have the potential to reach out voracious readers who find reading in English a hurdle. In fact, there are readers who are delighted that the books that they have heard so much about are available in digital versions.

Did you know there book clubs and groups on various social media platforms where they discuss in delight about the Hindi Telugu translated books and eBooks!

Now that you know the popularity of ebooks and Hindi Telugu translated books and eBooks, let me tell you how to get your books and eBooks translated in Hindi and/or Telugu.

But first, know why you should have your eBooks translated into Hindi and Telugu languages

In my tad bit of research, I found out that not many books and eBooks were translated and readers were found it rather disappointing to discover that the much talked about books were not translated and published in these languages. And that readers, would give anything to read those books in Hindi and Telugu languages.

There is less competition and much demand in these languages it gives you the opportunity to potentially sell more of your books and eBooks. When you translate and publish your books in Hindi and Telugu languages, you will not only be able to reach more people with your message and your style of writing, you will also increase and diversify your income.

Now, that’s quite profitable. Isn’t it?

Plus, in December 2016, Kindle announced that it had added 5 Indian languages to KDP; Hindi, Tamil, Marathi, Gujarati and Malayalam to its customers allover in India and across the world with the prospects of adding more languages. Many authors and publishers welcomed this announcement.

Need I say more?

Right, then.

Since you already know you need Hindi Telugu book and eBook translation services, you may need to do a little bit Google search to contact a Hindi Telugu book and eBook translator.

As we mentioned in part one, a good translation requires more than an automated converter. The steps are simple, but they are necessary for a successful translation.

When you decide for Hindi Telugu translation of your eBook, you have to take certain steps to accomplish your goal.

I know. I know. When you type into Google on how to translate your books and eBooks, you’ll be shown lot of results like how to translate pdf eBook, how can I translate a PDF eBook for free, free online eBook translator, how to translate your PDF with Google Docs etc. etc.

I can understand. It’s hard not to be tempted by the search results and may give in order to save time and money.

Well, it isn’t advisable no matter how tempting it is.

In fact, giving in to the quick fixes available on Google search results with a hope to translate books and eBooks when you don’t have much knowledge about it nor have expertise is a sure shot way to end up with a messed up eBook.

So, how to go about it? What is the best way to translate my eBook in Hindi and Telugu and get it published?

First things first.

Don’t Translate Books and eBooks Yourself

Whatever you do, you no matter how tempting it might seem, don’t even attempt in Hindi Telugu translation of your eBooks. Even though the Google search results claims how easy it is to translate, when you don’t know that particular language, its grammar or its nuances, attempting to translate it on your own would be utter foolishness. It’s one thing to write your eBook or hire a copywriter to write your eBook while you over see it, you’re better off hiring a Hindi Telugu translator who can provide you the best eBook translation services in Hindi Telugu.

Hire a Translator

Hindi Telugu translation of books and eBooks can be expensive, but that shouldn’t deter you because the turnover sales for your books and eBooks will be two fold or may be more. Now, the question is whom should you hire? Freelance translators or translation agencies? The best way for Hindi Telugu books and eBooks translation services is to hire freelance Hindi Telugu books and eBooks translators available online. While there are translation agencies that can provide books and eBooks translation services, it is better to freelance Hindi Telugu eBook translators.

Don’t Rely on Free Online Translation Tools

Under no circumstances, I repeat, under no circumstances should you ever rely on online available translation tools like Google Translate for the Hindi Telugu translation of your books and eBooks. No doubt Google Translate is good for translating quick words or phrases but it isn’t accurate. It is far from perfect Google Translate doesn’t take idioms or other language nuances or human emotions into account. The right way to books and eBooks translation services is to work with a Hindi Telugu books and eBooks translation provider who not only understands the complexities of the language but also has the experience in translating books and eBooks into Hindi Telugu.

Time Frame and Style

One of the first questions you should try to avoid asking a Hindi Telugu translator is how long will it take for them to translate. There is no set rule to answer that. It depends on the number of pages of those books and eBooks. It also depends on the complexity of it. Translation of books and eBooks IS a tough task. Hindi Telugu literary translators have to maintain the original style and tone of the writer/author, make sure it is culturally proper, etc. However, a freelance Hindi Telugu books and eBooks translator can have the capability to deliver a well-executed work done in a matter of weeks.

Get a Clear Payment and Royalty Terms

Before you hand over the project to your Hindi Telugu literary translator, get and set a clear payment and royalty terms to avoid overspending. If you’d like to set up a contract and perhaps an NDA, lay out crystal clear payment terms and royalty terms and if needed, establish with the translator the right to retain your works.

Ask About Proofreading

Hindi Telugu literary translators usually also offer Hindi Telugu language proofreading and editing services. Ensure and double confirm that your Hindi Telugu eBook translator will also proofread the work before sending it you. Though there is guarantee that your Hindi Telugu translator will provide these services, it doesn’t hurt to ask and get it confirmed.

Now What?

As I mentioned earlier, translating books and eBooks is a huge task for any translator get in touch today with a freelance Hindi Telugu books and eBooks translator who is capable of handling your work not someone who will outsource it.

So, are you ready to connect with their Pan Indian readers by having your books and eBooks translated in Hindi and/or Telugu? Are you there yet? Are you in that league yet? No? Then it’s time. Reach out to me today.