Whether you’re selling your products online through WooCommerce or Shopify or Etsy or through Amazon or any other ecommerce platform, if you want for your ecommerce store to sell internationally and successfully, knowing how to translate your product descriptions is vital.

In theory, any online store can sell to anyone in the world. It is simply because the Internet is accessed by almost anyone and anyone can see any ecommerce store. But, that doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll be able to convert those accessing your online so easily.

Agreed, that the best product descriptions are those that address your ideal customer directly and personally by telling the benefits of your products. What’s even better is your translating the description of your products that will address your ideal customer in their native language and connect with them on an emotional level.

Tell me what’s the point in expanding your ecommerce store and marketing products to overseas markets like India when you fail to provide product description translations in Hindi and Telugu languages for your targeted customers?

Why Translate Product Descriptions

Now, some may say, ‘Translating product descriptions? Why should I have my product descriptions translated in Hindi and Telugu? Why should I even invest in Hindi Telugu product description translation services? Surely my customers can understand English’?

Agreed, today, many people can speak and read or at least understand more than one language especially English. But even though they have a good grasp of foreign languages, your customers will feel much more welcome if your products are translated in their native languages. Not only will they feel welcome, they will find the information they are looking for faster in their native language. Plus, your customers are more likely to buy a product when the description of that product is available in their own language.

Isn’t that a lot of work? Wouldn’t it be costly?

Yes, if you would rather look at it that way. But if you look at it from another perspective, it is an investment that will give you an immense ROI. Investing in a professional Hindi Telugu product description translation services has its own benefits.

What is the importance of product description translation?

If as an ecommerce website owner you ask Is product description translation important, then the answer is yes. Translating product description IS important because it brings many benefits to you. Ways through which product description translation can profit your company are:

  1. Higher Turnover

It has been proven that people never search for or buy products online in any other language than their own and people who occasionally buy online, this percentage was actually higher. A survey conducted by CSA Research found that 76% of online shoppers prefer to buy products with information in their native language. In addition, 40% will never buy from websites in other languages. This survey is conducted on 8,709 global consumers in 29 countries in Europe, Asia, North America, and South America. If you think offering your product descriptions in just one language is enough, like for e.g. English, then you will lose a lot of Pan Indian customers. You’ll increase your sales if you consider these factors. It therefore makes sense to have your product descriptions translated.

  1. Fewer Doubts and Questions

Another positive thing about product description Hindi Telugu localization is that your customers will have fewer doubts because your target audience will easily understand your content. Proper localization will remove buying barriers

If you offer your ecommerce website in your customer’s native language, make sure it is completely localized because if the product descriptions are only half translated or not fully localized, there will be barriers to the purchase. If your customer is ordering shoes or clothing, make sure you list the sizes according to local metric values. If they need to stop and research these things themselves, it drastically decreases their

The likelihood of them buying your products will likely decrease if they have to open another tab to convert the metric units.

  1. Full product localization minimizes returns

Let’s take fashion product descriptions translated in Hindi and Telugu as an example. Your customers can read exactly what the fabric of a dress is or what type of neckline a dress has or whether a dress has a zip fastener etc. If your ecommerce website doesn’t have the zoom feature, then the dress details can be described through the product descriptions. Even the sizes of dresses which vary from country to country can be localised in the fashion product descriptions. This will help in reducing the exchanges and returns.

And as mentioned above in the 3rd point, if your product descriptions have been properly and professionally localized, they will include all necessary information in the format your customer prefers. This minimizes the chances of them purchasing the wrong size, length or volume of a product and then needing to return it.

  1. More Website Hits and Conversions

Product descriptions localized in Hindi and Telugu improve your search engine rankings. As mentioned above, when potential customers go on to search engines they are very likely to use only their native language like Hindi or Telugu. And when they don’t find the results they want, they try it in English. Let’s say for e.g. they are looking for a particular brand product. Obviously they will type the brand name in their native language. But if you literally translate the brand product on your website, it will not come up on the search engine results. And a result you will lose website visits, conversions and sales. If you transliterate (write/keep the brand name the same in their native language) your products will be easier for them to find your website.

If you want to know how to translate product description, contact me. I can help you with culturally appropriate and culturally sensitive product description translation services.