Want to increase and attract your listeners’ base? Want to promote your podcast to the Indian audience? Then, it’s time you seriously consider about podcast translation.

Maybe you are running a podcast for entrepreneurship or maybe you are a health coach and you run a podcast about health, fitness, nutrition or any specific health topics or maybe you are a business coach and you run a podcast for business coaching or you are a digital marketer or an SEO professional and you run a podcast about digital marketing or SEO or any other professional services or you are a financial expert and you run a finance, money saving related podcast. And you want to reach out to more people; people from other countries like India.

There are so many podcasters out there who give positive podcasts that resonate with people, educate their lives and better their lives; both personally and professionally…so life changing that they eagerly look forward for the next podcast episode. But their listener base will remain the same. Do you know why? Because, it caters only to a particular region of people. They do not think of or plan to reach out to people other than their listeners’ base.

But you know what? You don’t have to be like them. You can change that. You can be better than the other. You can increase and grow your podcast’s listeners’ base. When you know your podcast has the potential to change people’s lives, their thinking, you should take next step forward, but with a different and unique strategy.


By speaking their language…

I know that your podcasts are primarily in English. But not everybody is comfortable in listening to English podcasts. They prefer podcasts that are catered to their native language. So, how would you attract your more listeners to your podcasts? The answer is simple. Speak in a language that they understand, they feel comfortable in; not just English but Hindi or Telugu as well. Obviously you can’t speak Hindi or Telugu languages. Right?

So, what to do about it? How to proceed?

Again, the answer is simple.

Translate your podcast. Translate your podcasts from English to Hindi or English to Telugu or viceversa.

Sure you have the transcription of your podcast done and uploaded; with timecodes and stuff but why just limit yourself with the transcript of your podcast. Why not have a multilingual podcast? Why not have the transcriptions of your podcast translated in Hindi and/or Telugu languages? Just imagine. If those words you spoke on your podcast were to be translated from English to Hindi or English to Telugu or viceversa, it would grow your listeners’ base on a Pan India base to greater level!

Its time you jumped on board and get English to Hindi or English to Telugu podcast translation services.

Who Will Translate Your Podcasts

Hire a transcriber or a transcriptionist who has experience in transcribing podcasts. Hire a transcriber who knows the format and template of podcast transcription. Hire a podcast transcriber who can deliver accurate, flawless and quality podcast transcripts.

And then, hire an English to Hindi translator or English to Telugu translator who has experience in translating podcast scripts. Hire a Hindi Telugu podcast translator who can retain the original message in your podcast but has the skills to creatively translate your podcast script.


Hire a professional who is both an English podcast transcriber/transcriptionist and a English<>Hindi<>Telugu podcast translator; one who does the job effortlessly and seamlessly.

But most importantly, an English podcast transcriber/transcriptionist and a English<>Hindi<>Telugu podcast translator who has and shows the same passion and seriousness as you have when translating your podcasts

Why Should You Translate Podcasts

Out there, there are many podcasters who think that translating podcasts into Hindi and/or Telugu is a waste of time. They think it’s not necessary. Nothing good will come out of podcast translation.

But they are oh so wrong! They are yet to realize the importance of podcast transcription and translation. They are unaware of the advantages/benefits of podcast transcription and translation. Podcasts has immense SEO benefits, and it will help you take advantage of multilingual podcasting for your international growth of your listeners’ base.

But then that’s just them.

Here’s why you should go for English<>Hindi<>Telugu podcast transcription and translation services:

Podcast translation is good for international SEO.

Publishing podcast transcription and translation on your website will get you more back links.

To increase the value of your podcasts, include an English transcript of your podcast and Hindi/Telugu transcript of your podcast.

If your podcast has an English Hindi Telugu transcript with keywords blended in them, search engines like Google will understand what is in your file and display it in the search results.

When you translate and publish your podcast transcript in Hindi/Telugu, it will be highly visible on search engines and will lead to more visitors, more listeners, traffic and conversions.

Where to Hire a Translator for Your Podcast

If you want to hire a translator for your podcasts, there are many ways to find translator who provide exceptional audio translation and transcription services.

You can start by asking around your network or your listeners’ base to see if anyone knows or has worked with English<>Hindi<>Telugu podcast transcription and translation services and who would they recommend. And look for podcasters who have multilingual podcasts especially in Hindi Telugu languages and ask them for recommendations.

You can also search online if you want podcast translation. Type terms like “podcast translation” or “podcast audio transcription and translation” to find the services you need.

Ideally look for a professional podcast translator who also offers podcast transcription services and who can deliver 100% accurate transcription and flawless, flowing translation for your podcast script.

If you’re planning to expand your listeners base and make it easy for them to understand your podcast, contact me. I’d be more than happy to creatively translate your podcast script and making sure that it retains the original message of your podcast.