Press releases are an effective pr tool for both big and small businesses. And translating press releases in Hindi Telugu for Indian audience should be an essential component of any international company’s global public relations strategy.

Public relations are an essential component of a company’s outreach efforts and one of the most important tools in public relations is the press release. If there are big events or new developments happening in your company, for e.g., a new product launch, an exciting new hire, or a fresh partnership are everything that a press release announces/covers.

But very few companies actually bother with it; very few companies make the effort of getting their press releases translated. Little do they that Hindi Telugu press release translation has its own benefits:

Press releases that have been translated in Hindi Telugu linguistically and culturally appeals to the Pan Indian audience on a much wider scale.

The press release when translated into Hindi and Telugu gives pan Indian people outside of your company a way to stay tuned to the exciting things your company is working in/for India.

Hindi Telugu press release translation attracts Indian customers, Indian investors and generate publicity by catching the eye of other Indian marketers.

Releasing a press release on popular press release websites in Indian languages increases the coverage, attention, and audience numbers.

Online Hindi Telugu press release translations not only boost your relevancy online, it also shows up at the top of web search results.

Translating press releases into the major Indian languages like Hindi and Telugu your business works is a simple yet powerful way to globalise your company, your brand and public relations efforts.

If you are a multinational company and if you make press releases accessible in Indian languages like Hindi and Telugu, it reflects the global nature of your work.

Indian customers, Indian investors and Indian marketers who regularly follow business and financial news would be able to access real-time press releases from your company.

I am an expert press release writer as well as Hindi Telugu translator and Hindi Telugu transcreator.

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