Quotes are often an overlooked or undervalued and underestimated part in a press release. And sometimes it is given little or no importance. But truth to be told, of all the written components of a press release, the quote is the second most important element of a press release that engages readers’ attention. The quote is what makes a press release look more human. It provides a human insight for the reader.

Yeah! Yeah! I know many people say that press releases are dead. But they aren’t! Press releases are very much alive.

Now, read on…

But trying to extract even a sentence or a phrase from people associated with the company or media news can sometimes be like trying to squeeze juice from a fruit and not a drop comes out; which leaves press release writers frayed, frustrated and wracking their brains to come out with something coherent or relevant or anything to pad out a press release. This results in canned, dull and lousy quotes that do nothing to complement the press release.

As a press release writer, I make it a point to tell my clients that in order to make their press release interesting, their press releases will need to have quotes in them.

Not just blah blah or yawn inducing quotes rather powerful, punchy and strong quotes. I emphasize about the importance and necessity of quotes in a press release.

While some do provide, others don’t/can’t.

But that’s understandable. Not everyone can provide quotes.

What is a quote?

Quotes are words spoken by a company person. They are put in press releases when a company announces news about events that are happening or have happened recently in their company. Normally, it comes under these 7 types of press releases. Quote are words spoken by a person who is associated with the company.

The importance of quotes in a press release

Are quotes necessary in my press release? Is there any importance of a quote in a press release? Do I need to provide a quote for my press release? Are quotes really that important for my press release?

These are usually the questions a press release writer is asked by their clients.

And the answer is, Yes. Quotes actually play an important role in a press release.

Press release writers know that when quotes from people associated with the company, usually a senior, are provided, they do really breathe life into the press release. They give a reason for the readers that the press release is worth reading.

When a good quote is put in a press release, it gets noticed. And if it is a great quote, it gets shared; shared among your peers, your company and on social media. What’s more! If you get your press release translated; get a press release translation in Hindi and/or in Telugu, your customers, clients and readers from other countries too will appreciate the effort. A good quote is a great opportunity to add some allure, charm and intrigue to your press release without making it look like promotional or boastful.

Wouldn’t it be a shame if your press release has either no quotes or have a dull and lousy quote?

Where Should you put a Quote?

So, where can you put your quote in your press release? First, make sure that your press release answers the 5Ws. That being done, your quote should be inserted in the second or third paragraph of your press release.

What and How to Write a Press Release Quote

Getting quotes from the people connected to the company or press release event can be a hard task. These people can be busy and not be able to spare time to provide a quote or are too nervous or afraid that they might not be able to put the right words or bravely put their opinions in it.

If that happens, here’s what I suggest:

Schedule a call. Ask them ten minutes of their time. And if a call is not possible, do it through emails. Ask them the right questions. Prepare a list of questions that needed to be asked to craft a quote. Make sure that the quotes are in their own words. In the interview, you, the person should say as to why this press release announcement is important, what it means for your organization, and what it will mean for the people you cater to.

What to NOT Include in Your Quote

Clichés: When providing a quote, here’s what you should avoid saying:

We are pleased to say that….”

We are very proud to say that…”

We are excited to say that…”

We are happy to announce…”

These sound too cliché.

Avoid repetition: Don’t repeat what’s already been said in the press release.

Stuffing: Don’t stuff your press release with quotes. Don’t put quotes of anybody and everybody. Don’t stuff quotes that are not relevant to the press release just because.

Avoid jargon: While you may think it would be smart to include buzzwords and hype words, your press release will have an opposite reaction from your readers to these jargon-laded quotes. Try to avoid acronyms that are irrelevant to the press release and also try to avoid business gobbledygook.

What Should You Include in Your Quote

To create a newsworthy and readworthy quote in your press release, make sure:

Short, Crisp, Clear and Concise: Your press release quotes are short. One or two sentences should be enough. Not more than that. Max 3 sentences. That’s all. Use only clear, concise and powerful language; one that sounds like it came straight out of the mouth of your interviewee i.e. the person related/associated to the press release.

Make it flow: Your press release quote should have a flow and should be conversational. It should not read like robot.

Proper attribute: A good quote should always be properly attributed. A good quote should always contain the name and title of the person who is saying the quote. As the format requires, the press release quote should always use the word “said” or “says”.

Sprinkle: Your press release should have max 1 or 2 strong quotes in the body of your press releases. Do not put one quote after another. It should be sprinkled in the press release. As I mentioned earlier, don’t get and don’t stuff quotes given by anybody or everybody.

Make it count: Add quotes in a press release only if you have something valuable to say. Don’t ramble just because. Make it count.

Do dare: While you should stick to the format of the press release and pay to attention spelling and punctuation as well, you can dare to be creative. A quote within a quote or ellipses or wordiness is allowed; as long as your quote gets noticed.

Testimonials: When your clients and customers can’t stop raving about you and your company, why not add them in your press release? Why can’t you add their testimonials in your press releases? Testimonials too count as quotes. You didn’t know! Well, now you know. Go ahead! Take those testimonials from your website/GMB (Google My Business)/LinkedIn or any other professional social media platform you are on and put them as proofs. These help as validation of your business.

So, there you have it. Everything you wanted to know about quotes in press releases has been laid out in detail. Should you need a press release writer who can write a killer press release and also have ability to craft quotes on your behalf, you know where to contact me!