Are press releases dead? Are they still alive and kicking? Are press releases still relevant? Do press releases still matter in this digital age?

On one hand, you have a segment of professionals who claim that press releases are archaic, ineffective marketing strategy and dead. And there is another segment of professional press release writers who say that press releases are still alive and relevant.

So? Are they dead or alive?

I’d say they are…a bit of both.


Yes, they are a bit of both.

How can that be? How can they both alive and dead?

Stay with me, I’ll try to explain.

You see, the public relations industry has undergone a massive shift. It has changed over the last few years. And the major reason for this is fake news and spam. This has led to mistrust in media. People just don’t believe; don’t have faith in what is published. And this mistrust isn’t going away. It won’t go away that easily. Readers, consumers and clients question everything that is published. They question the realness of the news. They question the claims or the popularity of the company that publishes the press release. They don’t know what to trust and whom to believe.

And why shouldn’t they?

People have often been misled by these press releases; those tall claims and false glorious company successes and their launches and press releases that are utterly boring and a body content that doesn’t match with the headlines or not related to it. Or press releases written by companies for ‘just because’.

In addition to that, wrong implementation of SEO. Unlike an expert press release writer, black hat writers have a habit of exploiting the purpose of a press releases and abusing them to no end. Instead of creating clear links, they created the press releases with spammy links; the practice of creating links that direct a reader to listing directories and then to other links and then finally to their clients’ websites instead of creating a direct link to their clients’ websites. The result was Google caught them in their act, kicked them out of Google-o-sphere and updated their SEO rules.

Ok, I get the idea.

So, should I even bother writing it? Is it worth doing?


It IS worth doing! And it IS worth writing!

As I mentioned above press releases are STILL ALIVE and KICKING! Provided that you create something useful that is worth reading and reacting.

And in order to create a read-worthy press release, take a breather and think about you target audience; yeah those journalists, clients, consumers etc. and then, create a press release that speaks to them, is related to them and caters to them.

Remember your press release come under these 7 types of press releases. Your press release should have the 5 Ws and 1H; the Who? What? When? Where? Why? And the How? Include images and videos that support the message and add valuable information to your target audience. The advantage of having these elements of a press release is that it will make your company more trustworthy. And not to mention, when you also get a press release translation, you are also reaching out to your overseas clients, customers, journalists!

When you do that, you are actually covering all your bases; you can actually see the benefits of a press release translation and making sure that in the years to come, they still will be accessed.

So, I’d like to ask you. Do you have news that you’d like to share that is actually useful and read-worthy?

Are you looking to get your press release written as well as want a Hindi Telugu press release translation services?


Then contact me today.