You like to keep your customers and clients in the loop. You like to keep them informed about your company’s engagements. You have an announcement to make. And press releases are usually the way to do it. Regardless of whatever the announcement is about, you need to know the types of press releases that would match with your announcements.


Because there isn’t a one-size-fits-all press release that tells you what to and how to write a press release.

But how do you decide in which category does your press release fall in, what type of press release is yours?

There are actually many different kinds of press releases with each one having its own unique formats and rules. Let’s review the 7 types of press releases and try to know when to use them.

However, do keep in mind that the format and the elements of a press release is always the same; date, header, subhead, boilerplate, and contact information.

General News

General News is the most common type of press release that is used by companies and organizations. The purpose of a General New press release is to inform your company’s clients and consumers about a general issue regarding your business. However, just because it is considered general in nature doesn’t mean that you write it in a yawn inducing manner. You need to make it interesting enough to make your readers to pay attention. The more it interests your clients and customers, the more they are likely to visit your website and learn more about your business.

Event Press Release

An event press release is used when your company promotes an event that it is hosting, or sponsoring. This press release’s aim is to make the general public and members of the media aware and to encourage them to attend and/or cover your event.  If you want full coverage and 100% attendance, you need to distribute your press release well before the event. This will give your readers and the reporters ample time to clear their schedule and attend your event. Your event press release has to include the time, date, and place your event and it should also specify whom the reporters should contact to contact to sign up (with up-to-date contact information) or create a hyperlink in the press release that directs them to the sign up form. And it goes without saying that you need to explain in your event press release what makes your event the best of its kind, why is your event worth attending, how are your attendees going to benefit etc.?

New Hire Press Release

Has your company recently hired a new person or did your company recently promoted someone to an executive position? If yes, then you need to inform your customers, clients, stakeholders and investors of the recent hire. And the way to go about it is to write a new hire press release. The press release should contain information about the new hire; their professional background, their professional achievements, companies they’ve worked for, their past professional designations, and also about the new responsibilities they will be assuming. To add more human and professional touch, add a quote from the CEO of the company, as well as the quote from the new hire too. And instead of adding the company logo, add the headshot image of the new hire.

Award Press Release

Did your company just win an award? Congratulations! It’s time you let your audience know about it. Even though industry awards are common, they are barely mentioned and are rarely published and publicized. If you want your audience to learn of your achievements, you have to get an award press release written, published and distributed. While taking care not to make it overly promotional, make sure that your award press release is discussed from a business point of view. In this press release you need to explain how this award has set you apart as an industry leader or how this achievement has now compelled you to further your company’s mission. Make sure you include a quote from the CEO or president to add a touch of human element in it.

Launch Press Release

Is your company launching and releasing a new product or an app or a new website? And you want it to have a smashing response? Well, you gotta let the world know about it…with a launch press release. But let me tell you, you are not the only one. Day in, day out, hundreds of companies are launching hundreds of new products. You see, launches are a huge thing, and the way the press release is written will get you the type of attention you want. If you write your press release in meh way, your press release will drown in the ocean of press releases; not to mention, you will get a meh response. But if you craft it skillfully and with creativity, you will gain more audience. You need to stand out and for that you need to do more than write a press release. Your press release shouldn’t just be about your product launch rather it should highlight the story behind the product or the app or the website that you launched, all the ups and downs that you faced and how you stood up to that challenge which led you to this glorious moment. After all, it took you time, resources, and determination to bring an innovative idea into reality.

Partnership Press Release

That new partnership deal that you have negotiating for months…has finally happened. All those terms agreed upon that will benefit both the companies and your respective customers. And the papers have been finally signed. Now? Now what? Write and release a press release! What else! It is the perfect way to inform your audience of the partnership and the upcoming changes thereupon. But there is a catch. Since each of the partner have their own customer base, and you’ll need to write a press release that talk about both you and your new business partner. In your partnership press release, be sure to explain why this partnership was made and what changes will happen and/or how it will improve the new merger. Also make sure that your customers get to know about the new services and/or experiences that they will avail. And, it goes without saying that you should include quotes from both parties. These quotes are necessary to reassure both your investors and customers that the partnership decision was done with their best interest in mind.

Charitable Initiative Press Release

Every company believes in Corporate Social Responsibility. Every company devotes to a charitable cause. Every company gives back to the society and the community. Charity causes are the best way to tell your customers that you care about the society and the community. You are not just about more profits. However, it’s likely that your customers and clients have no knowledge of your charity causes. A charitable initiative press release is just what you need to tell your audience that. But what you need to concentrate here is the information you provide in the press release; the people or the charity organization that you helped, how many hours/days that you worked with them, how did it financially helped them etc. A quote from both; an executive of your company and the Head of the organization will provide a human touch to your business. And try to include an image of the charity organization that you are helping and if possible try to also include an image that shows your charity campaign.

Now that you know the 7 different types of press releases, which one would you be needing? Do you need a competent press release writer who can provide you with either one of the press release writing services? Contact me so that you and I together can create an awesome press release.