Now that you have read the types of capability statements, the 6s of a capability statement, how to format your capability statement, top tips for creating an effective and winning capability statement, it is time you were introduced to Video Capability Statement.

But first, let me ask you something.

You send your business capability statement to the contracting officers. And you hope that your business collaborates with the government. Fingers crossed. But do you really think that your capability statement is thoroughly read by a government contracting officer? Do you really think that they read your business capability statements page by page? No. they don’t. They don’t have that much time to cater. They are always pressed for time as they have other capability statements that they need to go through.

Before you send you capability statements keep this in mind:

Contracting officers get thousands and thousands of capability statements both in print and digital form on a daily basis. And every capability statement looks pretty much the same. And such capability statements are often passed over, added to the already mounting bundle or worse, completely forgotten.

Do you really want that to happen?


So, what do you do to ensure that your capability statement doesn’t suffer that fate?

How to make sure that contracting officers remember your business?

How to make sure that you stand out among your competitors?

You need to do something out of the box; something that’s been often overlooked.

You need to get a Video Capability Statement for your business.

Not many people know that there’s something called video capability statement. And even if they know, they don’t think much of it and don’t give importance to it. But little do they know that it creates a powerful and positive impact on its viewers.

But what is a Video Capability Statement?

It is a capability statement in a video format. It has all the elements that a print and/or digital capability statement has. Through a video capability statement, you visually tell the story of your company, how uniquely different your company is from other companies, your competencies, the services and solution that your company offers, the projects your company completed etc.

Some may call it a fad but it isn’t. It is a new and creative way to capture the contracting officers’ attention and your customers’ and clients’ attention! It is like an explainer video that replaces the traditional print version capability statement. It has the bells and whistles that make it more enticing. Having a video capability statement will help you to create more opportunities and get contracts for your business. In 3 minutes or less, you can make a short and powerful video capability statement that is informative, succinct, compelling, and engaging.

How will my company benefit from Video Capability Statements?

The advantages of video capability statements for your business are many:

  1. The contracting officers and the potential government buyers can view your video capability statement on any mobile devices.
  2. Your corporate video capability statement enables the officers and buyers to see, hear, and experience more about you, your business, and your services and solutions than scrolling and reading the written capability statement.
  3. You get to stand out and get noticed more than your competitors who prefer the written/printed statement.
  4. You get to communicate to the officers and buyers with impact.
  5. You can place your business video capability statement anywhere on your website. This particularly helps when they’d want to crosscheck your company’s credibility.
  6. You can place your business video capability statement can be placed anywhere on the Internet; even on YouTube or Instagram etc.
  7. You can attach your video capability statement in the email you send to the contracting officers and buyers.

So, are ready to invest in video capability statements and win more contracts?

Contact me to today to get a video capability statement that creates powerful and positive impact.