When it comes to creating and submitting their business capability statements for procuring government contracts, clients draw a blank.

Clients generally have no idea about the essential elements of a capability statement and what’s more they end up using

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Are the capability statements templates available on the internet not helping? This is where ContentHues advises them to stop using the readymade capability statement template.

Creating a business capability statement to procure government contracts may often seem daunting for your business. And you are clueless as to how your capability statement should be. Though ready made and ready to download capability statements templates available on the internet may seem as the best and economical option, it is advisable to customize and create a unique capability statement as your company’s competencies, experiences etc. may differ from other companies. While creating your company capability statement, all you need to do is make sure that your business capability statements are according to the norms and procedures laid down by the government entities.

Here are a few effective top tips recommended by ContentHues to procure government contracts:

  1. Your introductory information of your company must be perfect.
  2. If you want your capability statement in print form and you would like to deliver it personally rather than in an e-format, then use glossy and thick papers.
  3. Your capability statement should be concise. The norm is that it shouldn’t go beyond 2 pages. However, there are exceptions.
  4. The document should have headers and footers. These should have page numbers, your company’s name, and company logo.
  5. Just make sure that the cover page of your capability statement should have your company’s address, email id, website url, phone numbers, logo etc. Your statement should have vibrant graphics and colors, razor sharp images. Make sure that your corporate capability statement corresponds with your marketing, online and offline profile i.e., business cards, letterhead, website).
  6. Add more punch to your statement by adding your company’s images both as a cover page as well as a accompaniment.
  7. Your statement should clearly specify your company’s name in full throughout the document. Avoid using abbreviations at all costs.
  8. Your capability statement should have bullet points for easy scanning
  9. Your capability statement should be clear, comprehensive yet concise and up to the point.
  10. Make sure you clearly write down the NAICS and other Codes, past projects/experience, services, differentiators, key contact Information of your business.
  11. Your statement should clearly specify your Socio-Economic status like WOSB (woman owned small business) etc.
  12. Your statement should be truthful with regard to the information you provide.
  13. Your statement should be tailored the information contained in the Statement for specific uses/purposes.
  14. Your brand capability statement should be visually and aesthetically appealing.

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Create a Company Postcard: Company Logo on front, Size preference should be 4×6.