As a business owner, you might want your company might want to be at the top and would want to win government contracts that you are looking so forward to. To win government contracts, it is imperative that the capability statement of your company contains all the elements in it. Though the capability statement template may vary, it should however be kept it mind that it should not have long paragraphs, rather, short sentences and as needed be arranged in bulleted lists so as to make it aesthetically appealing and facilitate quick visual scanning.


Before initiating or doing business with the government, you need to know which codes you need to procure which are applicable to and concerned with your business. Before your company pursues and wins government contract work, you will need to have these codes in place. And if you are promoting and marketing your products or services of your company, you should use these codes in your capability statement. Usually used for federal procurements, these codes are NAICS, PSC, SIC codes, DUNS Number, CAGE, EIN NUMBER, and certifications like 8(a), HUB Zone, SDVOB, etc., as well as WBE, MBE and DBE, ABN (Australian Business Number), ACN (Australian Company Number). Place these codes in your capability statement in an order as is the norm i.e. DUNS number and CAGE code (in bold), followed by the NAICS and corporat status like S, C, LLC. Ltd. Etc.

Core Competencies

Core competencies mean a company’s main strengths and strong points. It is the combination of accumulated knowledge and technical capacities that a company has gained over the years which help it in being competitive in the marketplace and is related to those to the customers’ needs. This section of the capability statement describes as to how it continuously improves its products and/or its services through significant achievements such as ISO accreditation. This section should begin with a short introduction stating the company’s capabilities to the customers’ specific needs followed by a bulleted list.

Company data

Nothing defines a company and brings success to it without its key personnel. When drafting a capability statement, you have to write details of the senior management; list their roles, responsibilities, experience and credentials. This section should also have details such as the size of the company, its revenues, and the total number of employees. And not to forget, a company’s capability statement should also list all their worldwide office locations preferably in a bulleted list.

Corporate Expertise and Differentiators

This section should tell as briefly as possible what makes the company unique, what makes it different and more preferred than others and what makes it stand out among its competitors in the market. List as concisely as possible about the unique techniques or approaches that are applied by the company. Put simply, differentiators are the attributes of the company and/or its unique value that separates it from the competition in a crystal clear manner. Differentiators in a capability statement should answer the customers’ questions such as. “What is so unique about your company that I should engage or purchase your product(s) or service(s) from your company?

Credentials-Clients, Customers, Credentials and Past Performances

This section should describe your past work you that have performed for your customers. Credentials are examples of your company’s unique past client experiences that you can leverage for your company’s future projects. List all the projects your company has undertaken or completed. If your company’s projects are of more than 1 page, list some or only those which you deem fit to leverage your future projects. While list the projects, make sure to include the organization name, project name or contract, month/year completed, project size, what your company did, location, and a reference that can be contacted and authenticate it.

Contact Information

Lastly, you will need to add your company’s physical address, company’s website url, key personnel’s name, their respective titles, their email Ids and their office and cell phone numbers. This is a relationship-based market and giving personal contact information will set you apart from the firms that have generic information listed.